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Automotive Skills Center

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Automotive Skills Center Information

The Automotive Skills Center has 24 open bays, hydraulic lifts, "state of the art" tools and equipment for use on all domestic and foreign vehicles.
We provide a safe clean and earth friendly environment, technical assistance, tools and equipment for patrons to make repairs and maintenance on privately owned vehicles and equipment. You do the work, we ensure industry standards are met. We have 3 qualified employees and volunteers to guide you through repairs.


Active duty, DoD civilians, retired and reservist personnel and their family members.

Staff Hands-On Repairs and Maintenance Assistance

The staff of the Auto Skills Center will provide instruction on keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape.  If hands-on repairs and maintenance assistance by staff are requested (after instruction), the assistance may be limited due to lack of expertise and availability, and will be subject to fees of $10 per 10 minutes.

Safety Training Class - $1 per person

The Automotive Skills Center requires that all patrons utilizing the facility and equipment attend the 30-minute safety and orientation class prior to their first time using the facility.  The safety class is also required for all patrons assisting users including children ages 12-17.

- Thursday & Friday, 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
- Sunday, 3:30 p.m.

The Fort George G. Meade Automotive Skills Center is a self-help center and your resource for maintaining and making minor and major repairs on privately owned vehicles.  Family and MWR’s Automotive Skills Center offers a modern working environment complete with 12 lift bays and 9 open bays, state-of-the-art mechanical and diagnostic tools and equipment, and qualified and friendly staff members available for guidance and instruction.

 NOTE:  The Auto Skills Center requires that all patrons utilizing the center & equipment to attend the Safety Training Course prior to their first time using the center.

Mandatory Rules

  1. Children, under the age of 12 are not authorized to be in the fenced compound.

  2. Children ages 12-17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

  3. Open-toed shoes and shorts are not permitted at any time.

  4. All work in the center must stop thirty minutes prior to the scheduled closing time.

  5. No new work will begin one hour before closing.

Universal automotive supplies and fluids are available for purchase.

Safety Rules and Regulations
  • Valid forms of identification must consist of Military affiliation, name, photograph, and expiration date

(Examples: CAC card, CWF card, Military I.D.)

  • Attendance in the Automotive Skills Centers Safety Class is mandatory for all first time users of the facility
  • Only vehicles, whose owners are eligible, are allowed inside the facility
  • Commercial vehicles are not allowed to utilize the facility
  • All services are provided on a first come, first served basis
  • Children; twelve (12) years or younger, are not allowed to enter the facility which includes the fenced parking lot
  • You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to work without adult supervision
  • Open toed shoes are not allowed in the shop area (Examples: flip flops, sandals, etc.)
  • Working on vehicles in the parking lot area is not allowed, unless authorized by management
  • Before raising vehicles on a lift, ensure all vehicle doors, trunk and hood are closed
  • Be aware of ceiling height markers when lifting vehicles
  • Ensure center aisle remains clear of any debris, hoses, fluids, and cords
  • Smoking is only permitted fifty (50) feet from the building
  • Aerosol or spray painting is not allowed in this facility
  • Sanding of paint or body filler is not allowed in this facility
  • Removal of fuel tanks is not allowed in this facility
  • Tire disposal is not allowed; patrons must remove unused tires from the premises
  • Dispose of your waste in the specified waste containers

(Example: drainage area for bottles and filters, antifreeze, metal scrap, large cardboard boxes, and plastics)

  • Use Exhaust Removal System if engine is running more than two (2) minutes inside of the facility
  • Return all equipment, tools, and drain pans in clean condition
  • Patrons are responsible for any tools that are lost or returned damaged; Charges will apply
  • Use hearing and eye protection when using any air, impact, or motorized tools
  • Do not use your own tools, unless authorized by management
  • Do notleave tools near tool room area

(Unless you have been ensured they have been accounted for as they are your responsibility)

  • If equipment is found to be faulty or damaged when you receive it; bring to the staffs attention immediately
  • Use absorbent to clean up any fluid spills; do not use a mop to attempt to clean it
  • Do notpark in front of bay door once your work is completed
  • Check out only after bay area is swept and mopped, workbench is clean, and all tools have been turned-in
  • All vehicles that are parked at the facility overnight must be reported to the front desk
  • Vehicle Storage is for the sole intent to perform repairs on that vehicle

Expert Services Available
  • Complete on and off the car starting and charging
  • Systems diagnostics and testing
  • Computer scanning of 1980-2016 vehicles
  • Brake Lathe
  • Tire Change equipment
  • Precision computer wheel balancing
  • Air conditioning servicing by qualified specialist
  • Online vehicle repair library
Fees and Charges

Basic Usage

Basic Usage Fee per hour
Flat Bay Fee (0-60 minutes) $8
Flat Bay Fee $2 per 15 minutes after 60 minutes
Lift Bay Fee (0-60 minutes) $10
Lift Bay Fee  $2.50 per 15 minutes after 60 minutes
Wash Bay (0-60 minutes) $2.50
Wash Bay  $.75 per 15 minute after 60 minutes
Bench Fee (0-60 minutes) $5
Bench Fee $1.25 per 15 minutes after 60 minutes


Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous item/service Fee
Computerized Vehicle Diagnostics (Code Read)
Restricted Equipment*
$15 plus bay fee
Strut Compressor $8 plus bay fee
Hydraulic Press $5 per use
Booster/Battery Test $3 plus bay fee
Battery Charger $5 per use
Hub Bearing Tool Kit $5 per use
Cut Off Tools & Die Grinder $3 per use
Specialty Diagnostic Tools $6 per use
Grease Gun $2 per use



Cleaning Item Fee
Wet / Dry Vacuum $2 per use
Rental Rags $0.15 each
Oil/Anti-freeze disposal $1 per gallon


Heating and Cooling - Restricted Equipment*

Service Fee
Air Conditioning Service $45 plus freon
Evacuation Only $15
Leak Check $15 plus freon
Performance Testing $15 plus freon


Tires / Wheels - Restricted Equipment*

(AR 215-1, 8-10(11))

Service Fee
Tire Mounting (Low Profile) $10 per tire
Aluminum Wheel Mounting $8 per wheel
Steel Wheel Mounting $8 per wheel
Wheel Balancing $8 per wheel
Custom Tire Balancing $12 per tire
Truck/Oversize Balancing $15 per tire
Resurface Rotors & Drums $12 each


Nitrogen Inflation

Service Fee
Passenger Cars $20
SUVs (35+ psi) $25
Refills $2


Wheel Alignment

Service Fee
Front end $65
Front & Rear $75
Assessment $20


Extended Parking

Vehicle must be removed at the end of ninety days!

Extended Parking Service Fee
Engine storage $4 per day
Vehicle Parking; Outside - Daily $5 per day
Vehicle Parking; Outside - Monthly  $90 per month

Vehicle Parking; Inside, Daily + bay fees

during regular operating hours

$9 per day


Staff Performed Oil Changes

The staff of Auto Skills Center will perform oil changes. Customer provides oil and filter.

Usage Fee
1 to 30 minutes $20
31 to 45 minutes $30
46 to 60 minutes $40
61 to 75 minutes $50


Welding - $40 per hour

Safety Training Class - $1per person

Staff performed services other than Oil Changes, AC Service, and Wheel Alignment - $75 per hour plus parts.

*Restricted Equipment: Performed by trained automotive skills personnel only. AR 215-1, 8-18(11)