POV Resale Lot

Location: Mapes Road at the intersection with 6th Armored Calvary Road, across from the USO building.

For questions, please call +1(301)677-3810 or +1(301)677-3825


Fees: $25 per vehicle for 30 days or $35 for 60 days.

Maximum stay is 60 days.

Availability: Active Duty Military, Retired Military, National Guard, Reservists, U.S. Government employees working on Fort Meade, and their family members. 

Documents needed: Valid DoD issued card, current vehicle registration/proof of being registered owner of the vehicle, and current vehicle insurance.

Vehicles that may be displayed for sale include cars, vans, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, small watercraft (i.e. jet skis) and small trailers. All vehicles must be less than 24 feet in length. No RV's or campers are allowed to be displayed. Vehicles placed on the lot must be clean and operable.

MWR permit must be displayed at all times.

Registration forms are available at Outdoor Reacreation - 2300 Wilson St.