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Family Pet Care Center

*** Vaccination Requirement ***

We require the Canine Influenza H3N8 and H3N2 in addition to other required vaccinations (Bordatella, rabies, distemper). 

For the safety of our dogs, no pets will be admitted without required vaccinations.
No exceptions.

About Our Facility

Welcome to Fort Meade Family Pet Care Center

The Family Pet Care Center’s goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. Our facility offers boarding and doggie daycare, and we can accommodate all dogs. Our kennels are indoor/outdoor and feature self-watering bowls. We also feature fenced-in yards for your pet to exercise and socialize with other dogs. In case of emergency we have access to a veterinarian 24 hours a day. Our warm and inviting facility will make this your pet’s "home away from home.”

Eligible Patrons: Active-duty, Reservists, retirees, and their Family members with military ID card. DOD Civilians, retired Civilians, DoD Contractors.


Registration and Boarding Forms

Instructions: Please fill out and return to the Family Pet Care Center

Boarding Policies

Boarding reservations are taken no earlier than three months in advance.

 Any cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the reservation. 

Check-In Hours

On the date of reservation, you may check your pet in at any time during normal hours of operation. No check-ins or check-outs will occur on federal holidays.

Required Vaccinations

Dogs: Bordatella, rabies, distemper. Fecal Exams must be done every 6 months and read negative on the paperwork. Dogs testing positive will not be able to use our services.

For the safety of our dogs, no pets will be admitted without required vaccinations. No exceptions.

Available Services

Daycare Program

Our “Doggie Daycare” may solve the problems resulting from separation anxiety or it may be the outlet needed to release excessive or pent-up energy. In either case, “Doggie Daycare” is an opportunity to provide additional exercise and socialization with other pets. Call the Family Pet Care Center for information.

  • Daycare is a long term program, dogs enrolled must attend a minimum of two times a month.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered to attend daycare.
  • Dogs must be four months or older to attend.


  •  Dogs

All dogs must be at least four months old to be boarded. Any female dogs that are in heat are not permitted to be boarded at the facility. Our facility features indoor/outdoor runs. The indoor section of the run is climate controlled by a 24-hour heating and cooling system. The outdoor section of the run is covered to provide shade in the summer and protection from the elements. All runs are constructed with aluminum bars, rather than chain link fencing, to minimize the potential for injury. Each run is equipped with an automatic water dispenser to ensure pet’s thirst is always quenched. All pets will be fed a high quality diet; however, owners may bring preferred food. An additional fee will be charged for extra preparation such as heating, grinding, or cooking. All food and medication brought in must be in a sealed, plastic container.

Cat boarding and grooming is not currently offered at our facility. We hope to offer these services again sometime in the future.

A La Carte Services

In order to provide our guests with a more enjoyable experience and to truly make the Fort George G. Meade Family Pet Care Center a “home away from home,” these additional services are available.

  • Outside Playtime* - $5

Do you want your pet to burn off some extra energy? Sign up for one of our two additional outside play time options. Pet can enjoy twenty minutes of free time in one of the center’s yards or one-on-one playtime with a member of our staff.
* Included in the price of boarding are two 45-minute playtimes.

  • One-on-One Walks - $5
    Does your pet need of a change of pace or a little extra exercise?
    Sign up for one of our one-on-one walks. This five-minute stroll with
    one of our professional staff members allows pets to explore the world
    around them. 
    Upgrade to a 20-minute walk - $5
  • K9 Couch Time - $5
    Does your pet need extra love and attention when away from home?
    Sign up for our K9 Couch Time. Your pet will relax on our couch as one of
    our caring staff members spends 20 minutes focused on your
    pet’s needs. 
  • Pet Rewards 

Keep your pet busy with one of our Pet Rewards!

  • Kong Treat - $1.50

A chew toy filled with creamy peanut butter

  • Pumpkin Pops - $2
Boarding and Day Care Pricing

Boarding Charges

Canine Per Night
K9 / 0 to 30 lbs. $34
K9 / 0 to 30 lbs. - second dog (same kennel) $29
K9 / 31 lbs. and up $36
K9 / 31 lbs. and up - second dog (same kennel) $31
Unneutered Male Dogs $2 extra

Pets not picked up by 1 p.m. are charged another half day fee. When sharing a run, additional dogs will be charged at a rate of 20 percent lower than the largest dog.

Miscellaneous Boarding Charges

Service Fee
Administering Medication $1.50 per administration - shots not allowed
Emergency Veterinary Service $10 transportation fee - Medical fees billed by Vets
Individual Playtime $5 / 20 minutes

Outdoor play for at least 20 minutes with our staff. Your pet will have their choice of balls, frisbees, or other toys. Owner may also bring their pet's favorite toy.

Additional fees may apply if dog is on a special diet and owner does not provide enough food.

Day Care Charges

Service Fee
Doggie Day Care $19 per day / $95 for 5 days
Doggie Day Care - 10 Pack $175

Doggie Day Care is available Monday through Friday.

  • Daycare is a long term program, dogs enrolled must attend a minimum of two times a month.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered to attend daycare.
  • Dogs must be four months or older to attend.

*Please call the Pet Care Center to register.

*Prices are subject to change. Please call The Pet Care Center to confirm.


Dog Training Classes

Dog Training classes not offered at this time.