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Private Organizations

To receive an operating permit as a private organization on Fort Meade, the organization must submit required documents to:

DFMWR NAF Support Services Division/Private Organization Coordinator
4550 Parade Field Ln., 3rd Flr.
Fort Meade, MD 20755-5070

For more information, please call +1(301)677-7409

Updated Requirements

Non-Federal Entities (NFE), formally known as Private Organizations application requirements (PDF)

Initial Request and Requirements

Initial Request

Organizations that wish to become registered Private Organizations (POs) on Fort Meade must provide the following documents:

  • A charter, articles of agreement, constitution, bylaws, or other authorization documentation. If affiliated with a national, regional or state organization, the PO will include documentation of the parent organization.
  • Any other documentation that states the PO’s nature, functions, objectives (including planned use of funds), and activities.
  • An explanation of membership eligibility and responsibilities for all management functions (including accountability of assets, coverage and limitation of insurance and disposition of remaining assets on breakup of the PO).
  • A statement of the PO’s liability, if assets are not enough to cover all PO liabilities. The statement of liability will include a provision that all State and jurisdictional laws are met. Also, it will address the extent of the PO members’ personal liability for debts of, or claims against, the PO.
  • Agreement to reimburse the Army for utility expenses, unless use is incidental (would cost more to bill and collect than it costs to provide the utility).
  • A statement that the PO will neither propagate extremist activities nor advocate violence against others or the violent overthrow of the government.
  • Statement that PO activities will not seek to deprive individuals of their civil rights.
  • A statement that neither the installation nor the government will have any liability for the PO’s actions or debts.
  • A statement that the installation commander may revoke permission to operate at any time.

Sample format of an organization’s constitution/bylaws is provided in Figure 2-1, AR 210-22.


In addition to the above, POs are required to submit:

  • List of the current board members (DoD employees including service members, appropriated fund employees, and non-appropriated fund employees may not participate in their official DoD capacities in the management of non-Federal entities without approval from the DoD General Counsel. In addition, positions in a Private Organization will not go automatically to a DA employee because of their official position.)
  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Annual financial statement (these must indicate that the PO is self-sustaining)
  • Audit (with evidence that recommendations are being followed)
  • Tax status determination

Operating permit is usually valid for two years.



All POs must be revalidated every two years. Request to revalidate should be submitted to DFMWR NAF Support Services Division/Private Organization Coordinator at least 90 days in advance before current operating permit expires.
Request to revalidate should include:

  • A written request to revalidate.
  • Any changes in PO activities, objectives, organization, constitution, membership etc.
  • A statement that neither the installation nor the Government will have any liability for the PO’s actions or debts.
  • A statement that the garrison commander may revoke permission to operate at any time.

After receiving Operating Permit

POs must submit the following documents to the DFMWR NAF Support Services Division/Private Organization Coordinator on a routine basis (at least once a calendar year):

  • Minutes of PO meetings
  • Financial statements
  • Any major changes in PO activities, membership requirements, officers, objectives, organization, constitution, bylaws, use of funds and management functions
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of officers
  • A copy of audit reports
  • A copy of any correspondence about applicability of Federal, State, or local laws

Termination of Private Organization

POs can be terminated at any time. The wish to terminate should be recorded in the minutes of the final meeting and forwarded to DFMWR NAF Support Services Division/Private Organization Coordinator. Also a letter or memo should be sent that indicates that PO is disestablished and addresses the disposing of assets, outstanding liabilities, and ending balance statements.


Fundraising Event

If a Private Organization or military unit is planning to conduct any fundraisers (such as car wash, bake sale, etc.) or fundraising event, a memo detailing the event - who, what, when, where, how, purpose, POC contact information, signature of the PO president or designee; it must be submitted in writing to:

DFMWR, Business Operation Division
4550 Parade Field Ln., 3rd Flr.

  • All fundraiser requests must be submitted six to eight weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly. These requests may require coordination and routing through several directorates on Fort Meade to include the Staff Judge Advocate and the garrison commander.
  • Fundraisers during the official Combined Federal Campaign are limited in number and scope to minimize competition with CFC.

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