Branick Nitrogen Inflation System

Branick Nitrogen Inflation System

Automotive Skills Center - 6530A Taylor Ave., Bldg. 6530A Fort Meade 20755 Google Map

Why Nitrogen?
Branick Industries has introduced a Nitrogen Tire Inflation System designed to more affordably inflate passenger and commercial tires with nitrogen. According to the company, nitrogen has been proven to better maintain air pressures, lower fuel consumption, and run cooler than tires inflated with oxygen. The company also feels that long-term benefits of the system can include extended tire life and the elimination of oxidation, condensation, and rim rust!

The Automotive Skills Center is open to all services, all ranks; Military and DoD civilians.

Available at the Automotive Skills Center:

  • John Bean Tire Changer
  • Branick Nitrogen Inflation System


Convert all four tires to nitrogen!

$20 - Passenger cars

$25 - SUVs (35+ psi)

$2 - Refills (per tire)