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Veterinary Services

*** Please note that the hours of operation are subject to change with little or no notice due to mission requirements.

* Facility closed the last working day of each month for inventory.

The Fort Meade Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) has a three-pronged mission that includes:

  • Food Safety and Security
  • Military Working Dog veterinary care
  • Privately Owned Animal veterinary care

We balance and prioritize these missions with the best interest of our service members in mind.

Facility Policies
  • All animals must be on a leash or in a carrier.
  • All pets that reside on the installation and/or are seen at the VTF must be current on rabies vaccinations. If the pet resides on the installation, it must also have a readable microchip recorded in our computer system.
  • Per AR 40-905, veterinary services will not be provided in support of commercial operations that breed or raise animals for sale or profit. Spaying and neutering are highly encouraged.
  • Children of all ages are permitted in the VTF when accompanied by a parent. Proper supervision is required. If we feel your child is in a situation that is dangerous for them or an animal, we may ask you to reschedule for a different time.
  • Please respect the time of staff members and other clients by arriving 10 minutes early for your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals and no-shows negatively impact the quality of care delivered to patients and deny other individuals and their pets the opportunity to be seen
    a. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please notify the VTF at +1(301)677-1300 at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. If you find you will be unexpectedly late, please call to confirm that your pet can still be seen or if the appointment needs to be rescheduled. Same day cancellations are treated as no-shows.
    b. Late and No-show Policy:
    (1) If you are more than 10 minutes late for your scheduled appointment and fail to notify the VTF, you will be rescheduled and the record will be marked as a no-show.
    (2) If you are a no-show more than 2 times in a 12 month period, you will lose access to the Fort Meade Veterinary Treatment Facility for at least six months.
    (3) This policy is enforced to ensure all pets in the Fort Meade military Community receive the same access to top-quality veterinary care.
    (4) Any exception to this policy are the sole discretion of the attending veterinarian and/or the Ofiicer In Charge (OIC).

  • It is highly recommended that a FAVN (rabies antibody blood test) be drawn six months prior to your Permanent Change of Station (PCS), especially if you may be moving OCONUS. This is a stringent requirement to all locations that are rabies-free (e.g., Japan, Guam, Australia, and Hawaii). Please call the VTF for country-specific requirements.

The VTF is not equipped to handle emergencies, hospitalization, most surgeries, boarding, or grooming. The Veterinary Treatment Facility occasionally is able to offer minor surgeries, spays, and neuter surgeries pending other mission requirements.

  • Wellness visits and minor sick appointments
  • Product sales

Occasionally we are able to provide minor surgical services, pending our other missions.

VTF services are open to active-duty, retired, and Reserve service members and their dependents.

Base Resident Pet Requirements


All dogs and cats over three months of age residing on Fort Meade must be registered with the Veterinary Treatment Facility within 10 days of arrival. Owners must present military identification and proof of rabies vaccination. All dogs and cats must also have a subcutaneous microchip for identification. Microchipping is available at the VTF by appointment. Current rabies vaccination for all pets is a Maryland State law.

Per Regulation FGGM 40-22 and Corvias Housing Policy

  1. All pets more than three months old that are maintained on post (except small caged animals and fish) are required to be registered at the Fort Meade VTF within 10 days of arrival or acquisition. Registration will take place in person at the VTF.
  2. At time of registration, all pets are required to have a current rabies vaccination with a valid rabies certificate signed by a veterinarian or make an appointment with us. All pets are required to wear a rabies tag outside of the house.
  3. At the time of registration, all pets are required to have a microchip (preferably ISO compatible) or make an appointment with us.

Please contact Corvias Fort Meade for information on their pet policy for residents.

PCS Requirements
  1. Contact the Fort Meade VTF for information prior to your PCS. Call early to find out transportation requirements, especially if traveling OCONUS.
  2. Most countries require pets to have an ISO compatible microchip and rabies vaccination. Microchips must be implanted prior to administration of a rabies vaccination.
  3. Contact the airline to ensure you comply with all pet travel regulations.
  4. Contact your final destination country (if OCONUS) to ensure you are in compliance with all animal import regulations.
  5. Some OCONUS locations require a FAVN (rabies titer) blood test 4-6 months prior to PCS: Hawaii, Japan, Korea and Guam, etc.
  6. Plan ahead to schedule an appointment for a veterinary health certificate within 10 days of flight. Bring all documents.
  7. For more detailed animal import information, please visit:

Price List

*Prices subject to change without notice

A $2 DOD user fee is added to each sales transaction. This transaction fee is mandated by US Army Public Health Command.

Cat/Kitten Wellness Visits

Service Fee
Veterinarian Exam* $35


Vaccinations Fee
Rabies $15
Feline Leukemia (FeLV) $23
FeLV/FIV Combo test $30

* All patients are seen by a veterinarian.


Dog/Puppy Wellness

Service Fee
Veterinarian Exam* $35


Vaccinations Fee
Rabies $10
Distemper/Parvo (DAP) $15
Bordetella (kennel cough) $18






Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis test


* All patients are seen by a veterinarian.

Some vaccinations may need boosters which require more than one visit within a four-week period.


Additional Services

Service Fee
Service Charge $2
Fecal Test (Intestinal Parasites) $15
Microchip Implant $25
Health Certificate $35

* Other services available as needed.

All Services must be paid in full at time services are rendered.  There are no payment plans or discounts. We accept cash, check or MasterCard/Visa.

Referral Clinics

In the event of an emergency, owners are advised to seek civilian veterinarian care. The Fort Meade VTF and U.S. Army Veterinary Command do not make direct referral or endorsement to any establishment.